Why this. Why now.

Take one look at our region, and ask yourself this: where are we headed? The truth is, we are drifting with no clear direction. Each city, community, county and business is moving in its own direction. Simply put, we have no direction, no regional plan in place that helps us focus our resources and efforts into achieving positive results for all of our communities. That is, until now.

The BBA’s Blueprint Birmingham was created to help gather input and rally support for one plan that will benefit everyone in the 7-county region. By bringing together public and private leaders, concerns and objectives, the Blueprint presents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to help the Birmingham region fulfill its full potential.

But the real impetus behind this plan was you, the Birmingham community. In order to create this plan, the BBA conducted interviews with hundreds of people across the 7-county region. The purpose: to find out what works, what doesn’t and what the Birmingham region could be. The result is Blueprint Birmingham. In it, our most pressing needs and concerns are addressed and our greatest strengths and advantages are highlighted.