Blueprint Birmingham is simply a guide for moving our entire region forward. It’s clear that we must confront the realities and challenges our region faces, but by doing so together, we stand a far greater chance than going it alone.


The Blueprint is broken out into four specific key goal areas. Each one of the four goals and supporting objectives is vital to changing the Birmingham region’s future. They are interrelated and all must be worked on to ensure the best chance of success.


1 Public and Private Leadership

Successful communities have successful leaders and a civic infrastructure that continually prepares the next generation of leaders.

Organize the Birmingham region’s business community to serve as a powerful, proactive, and definitive voice for a unified, progressive, regional vision.

Achieve a renewed spirit of regional collaboration and cooperation between the public and private sectors.

Ensure all regional constituencies are reflected in positions of leadership and influence.

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2 Workforce Development

The economic and social well-being of a community’s residents ultimately defines the success of community and economic development efforts. The most effective method for elevating incomes is to elevate education levels.

Improve pre-K through 12th grade education in the Birmingham region.

Assess the skills needed to satisfy regional workforce demand and attract and retain talent; optimize the potential of the Birmingham region’s two- and four-year colleges and universities to meet those needs.

Address barriers to accessing training and employment destinations.

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3 Economic Prosperity

The Birmingham region will need to develop efficient and collaborative programs that effectively address the needs of the business community. The role of UAB cannot be overstated in these efforts.

Maximize the economic impact of UAB and the Birmingham region’s full complement of innovators and research-focused entities.

Effectively leverage existing businesses for the growth of the Birmingham region’s economy.

Provide the support and coordination necessary to enable small businesses to launch and succeed in the Birmingham region.

Market the Birmingham region to external audiences through a holistic, targeted, and multi-channel campaign.

Ensure that the Birmingham region’s business climate is competitive for existing and future companies.

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4 Community and Regional Stewardship

While talent is paramount in business location decisions, “quality of place” is critical as well. It factors into corporate relocation decisions now more than ever. The diversity, quality and accessibility of entertainment options, recreational, and cultural amenities has a strong impact on these location decisions.

Provide competitive infrastructure capacity in the Birmingham region.

Improve the Birmingham region’s “quality of place” amenities.

Improve public safety in the Birmingham region.

Effectively remediate the Birmingham region’s environmental quality and protection issues.

Work to make the Birmingham region’s residents and businesses strong advocates for its existing businesses and future prospects.

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